Do you need more K-dramas to marathon in between your weekly  Cinderella and Four Knights or Jealously Incarnate episodes? If you are a viewer that loves the production or your favorite shows and wants to see more from the masterminds behind them, this list is for you! I have found six of the best shows from Cinderella and Four Knights director Kwon Hyuk Chan and Jealously Incarnate writer Seo Sook Hyang. 

Director Kwon Hyuk Chan

1. A Gentleman's Dignity

Fans of Sex In The City will love this K-drama twist from a man's perspective. You get the opportunity to witness the complicated love lives of four distinguished gentlemen who are determined to turn back the clock. Forty is the new thirty, right? 


A Gentleman's Dignity

Starring Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul

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2. Lie To Me

A couple accidentally falls in love in this hilarious drama after a series of lies forces them together. Pretending to be a couple to fool their ex-lovers put them in serious hot water. This is the K-drama that made that steamy "cola kiss" famous. 

3. Secret Garden

It's soul swapping at it's finest! In this SBS hit series, a businessman and stunt woman trade bodies, but somehow K-drama fate has its way when the pair surprisingly begins to fall for one another. Hyun Bin admitted in past interviews that he started crushing on co-star Ha Ji Won during the filming of this gem. 

Writer Seo Sook Hyang

4. Miss Korea

Can an average elevator girl win a national beauty pageant? A cosmetics company is determined to make her the fairest of them all in an effort to boost sales. It's the makeover of a lifetime for a struggling business and a former high school beauty. 


Miss Korea

Starring Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Sun Gyun

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5. Romance Town

A third generation maid hits the jackpot in this romantic comedy about keeping secrets and falling in love with your boss' son. Winning the lottery becomes the biggest burden of a lifetime for this hard-working maid.


Romance Town

Starring Sung Yu Ri and Jung Gyu Woon

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6. Pasta

Gong Hyo Jin plays the adorable yet naive kitchen assistant patiently waiting for her turn as chef. This warm-hearted romance is filled with delicious food and plenty of flower boys. If you think Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun's love story is sweet, stick around for the delightful noona romance between Byun Jung Soo and No Min Woo.

Which drama will you be binge watching during your free time? 

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