This month, SHINee's youngest member, Lee Taemin, returns to the K-pop stage as a solo artist for his first full-length album titled Press It. This time around, the idol has taken part in songwriting and enlisted the help of Grammy-winning music man Bruno Mars and the global production team Stereotypes. 

Before his grand comeback next week, I thought it would be great to revisit 7 music videos where the 22-year-old idol slayed with his singing, dancing, and acting.

1. SHINee's "Replay" (2011)

The J-pop version of the hit that made SHINee famous placed a spotlight on the group's maknae, He lead the choreography and did an impressive flying move in dance class with Yoona

Click Here to view the complete music video on YouTube.

2. "Danger" (2014)

In Taemin's debut music video as a solo artist, he showcased his control over the stage and his fantastic fashion sense. Even his accessories are cutting edge.  

3. SHINee's "Your Number" (2015)

It's a known fact that all of the SHINee members are incredible dancers, but Taemin astounded every viewer with his on-point dancing in a suit. 

4. "Ace" (2014)

I think all the ShaWols agree that Taemin's concept video should have been made into an official music video. His sweet voice and charisma are undeniable. 

5. A feature on Henry Lau's "Trap" (2013)

Taemin wowed us yet again with his smooth vocals and dance moves when he supported his labelmate with this addictive single. In my opinion, he almost stole Henry's spotlight.

6.  "Steps" (The Prime Minister and I OST)

I loved this K-drama and song! His vocal range was simply amazing. Who else had this on repeat in 2014?

7. His feature in BoA's "Disturbance" (2013)

He portrayed BoA's heartbroken boyfriend who was torn between staying with his love or calling it quits for good. 

Are you highly anticipating the I AM star's "Press It" solo comeback on February 23?

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