Fall is right around the corner, and that means it's time to settle in with some brand new K-dramas. Which drama should you watch? As many as possible! Today, I'm placing the spotlight on six talented actors in three K-dramas you will be happy to watch week after week. Veterans and rookies alike are capable of drawing in the masses with their acting skill and good looks. 

1. Ok Taecyeon Save Me

The 2PM member has been killing it in the acting department since Cinderella's Sister in 2010. So you know he's someone to anticipate seeing in every project. Following in the thriller aspect of Let's Fight Ghost, Save Me is about a terrifying cult filled with people who are in dire need for rescuing. Since this will be the 28-year-old idol's last K-drama before he enlists in the military, you can't miss it! 

2. Jo Sung HaSave Me

Who didn't love his performance in The K2? The audience couldn't differentiate from his sincerity and sinister ways at times. The 50-year-old actor returns in another crime series with a thriller twist. This time around, he plays a manipulative cult leader. Will this character's end be just as tragic as his last role? 

3. Go Kyung PyoStrongest Deliveryman

Go is delightful in every production he has been cast in. His role in Jealousy Incarnate gave viewers the worst case of second lead syndrome. Thankfully, the 27-year-old actor finally scored the leading role in Strongest Deliveryman, which means he will win in the end if a love line gets fully developed. 

4. Kim Sun HoStrongest Deliveryman

The 31-year-old actor may be a rookie in the industry, but he has so much to offer. Following his role in Chief Kim earlier this year, Kim returns to the small screen as one of the main stars in the action series Strongest Deliveryman. He's playing the rich guy you either hate throughout the whole series or grow to adore as the show progresses. 

5. Kang Min HyukHospital Ship  (premieres on August 30)

If you are missing this idol cutie since his starring role in The Entertainer, you're in luck! He hops on board the Hospital Ship later this month. The 26-year-old star joins acting goddess Ha JI Won in her first K-drama in two years. Juggling acting and an idol career with CNBlue can't be easy, but Kang makes it look effortless. 

6. Lee Seo Won - Hospital Ship

From Uncontrollably Fond to Lovely Love Lie, he has wowed us with his acting ability at the tender age of 20. For most child stars, 20 can easily be an age for a veteran, but Lee Seo Won is pretty much a rookie in the entertainment industry. Following a small role in the 2015 JTBC series The Awl, Uncontrollably Fond was his big break. He is well on his way to becoming an A-list actor. I wonder if Hospital Ship will surpass the ratings of his Blossom Entertainment labelmates' Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum's previous dramas. We can't wait to find out.

Which actor are you the most excited to see this month?


Strongest Deliveryman

Starring Go Kyung Pyo and Chae Soo Bin

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