Rookie actors and well-known idol stars gave fans a special treat this year when they starred in intriguing mini shows. DramaFever's gem Oh My Grace featured an all new cast, while singers like Girls Generation's SooyoungSHINee's Minho and former KARA member Han Seungyeon headlined their own specials. If you are looking for the next K-drama to marathon in a short amount of time, check out the ones listed below. 

1. Oh My Grace

DramaFever produced its first adorable web drama starring newcomers Grace SuberviKim Kyung Hwan and David Shin. If you ever dreamed about falling in love and realizing your dreams in South Korea, you have to give this one a try. You discover what happens when an American girl magically arrives in the country and lets her heart guide her.


Oh My Grace

Starring Grace Subervi and Kim Kyung Hwan

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2. Someone You May Know

A grieving hopeless romantic (Girls Generation's Sooyoung) is determined to find out her late boyfriend's last words on the smartphone he left behind. She is so overcome with grief; she is almost blind to the new beginning that is standing right in front of her. 


Someone You May Know

Starring Choi Soo Young and Lee Won Geun

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3. Hip Hop Teacher

The quiet existence of a music teacher and homeroom teacher turns into utter chaos with the entrance of a new English teacher. She loves hip hop and encourages the music teacher to follow her lifelong dream, while the homeroom instructor follows suit, because he's in love with one of the ladies. Girls Day member Yura stars as the cool English teacher.


Hip Hop Teacher

Starring Kim Yura and Ahn Woo Yeon

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4. Somehow 18

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and save someone's life? In this series, the Kyung Hee (SHINee's Minho) is given the golden opportunity to return to his high school days to stop his first love from committing suicide. Can the power of love save? 

5. Last Minute Romance

True love is unexpected. A dying girl (Han Seungyeon) enters into a contract relationship with a guy who mirrors her celebrity crush. Along the way, she discovers the fake guy has more heart, and that he has stolen hers. 


Last Minute Romance

Starring Han Seung Yeon and Lee Seo Won

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Which mini-series will you be watching? 

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