Son Na Eun is trending!

The Cinderella and Four Knights star is the girl everyone wants in their upcoming projects. Following the 23 year-old's starring role in PSY's music video "New Face", she has been bombarded with job opportunities in programs, ads and photo shoots. In the recent MV, PSY marvels at her beauty and how attracted he is to her. Apparently, the world is in 100% agreement! Na Eun's agency, Plan A Entertainment, confirmed the A Pink's member's recent surge in popularity with this statement, “After starring in PSY’s music video ‘New Face,’ Son Na Eun has been feeling thankful for all the attention she has received. Multiple love calls for broadcasts, advertisements, and photo shoots have also been rushing in.”

"New Face" was released on YouTube on May 10, and its already surpassed 30 million views. 

Check out the hilarious video for yourself and find out why everyone is falling in love with PSY's new leading lady: 

Na Eun made her debut with A Pink in 2011. Since then, she has branched out with modeling and acting in K-dramas like Cinderella and Four Knights and Twenty Again. The lovely idol even had a supporting role in the 2012 comedy Return of the Mafia. PSY, on the other hand, has been a fixture in music since 2001. He achieved global recognition in 2012 with the hit single "Gangnam Style". It topped music charts in several countries, and he's periodically been releasing comedic rap tunes ever since (including videos featuring Ga In and CL). The YGE talent is kind enough to share the spotlight with another one of our favorite idols. 

What project do you think Na Eun will choose next?

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