Yet another crazy flavored treat hits the Japanese market.

Japan is a nation of limitless snack and treat flavors. It seems as if a new flavor of potato chips, chocolate, chewing gum, pretzel sticks and whatever else you can think of hits the shelves of your local convenient store almost every week. But this new flavor of "Gari-Gari Kun," a popular soda flavored popsicle that's been around since 1981, has even surprised the most seasoned snack and treat connoisseurs.

The new "Spaghetti Napolitana Flavored Gari-Gari Kun" has taken popsicle flavors to a whole new level. Since the initial iconic soda flavor, Gari-Gari kun has been sold in grape, orange, yuzu, chocolate, melon, banana, cola and many other flavors. But in recent years, Akagi Nyūgyo, the company that produces Gari-Gari kun, has become experimental with their over-the-top Cream Stew Gari-Gari kun and Corn Soup Gari-Gari kun. And that has led to today's Spaghetti Napolitana, a Gari-Gari kun covered in Napolitana frozen ice cream and filled with Napolitana shaved ice and tomato jello bits. Interesting flavored popsicle I'm sure, but not exactly a mouth watering dessert if you ask me. Especially not after having Spaghetti Napolitana for dinner.

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