Ok Taecyeon has become the character Kim Gyu Hwan in the new KBS melodrama Assembly. As the summer series begins airing on DramaFever, K-drama fans around the world have to admit to tuning in to see a glimpse of the sexy K-pop star. Taec has been apart of the sizzling boy band 2PM since 2008, and audiences cannot get enough of him! I decided to compile five of the sexiest music videos Taecyeon's band has released that made 2PM fans (aka Hottests) fall for him.

1.The release "A.D.T.O.Y" has to be the steamiest 2PM music video of all time!  It's seductive, and the boys nail dance moves that can make girl bands jealous. Did I mention the boys' love scenes with the ladies probably made Hottests want to sign up to appear in their next video?

2. When i first heard of this group's title "I'm Your Man," I immediately thought of SS501's 2008 catchy single "UR Man." The JYPE group proved me wrong when they put their own sensual dance moves and unique voices on a completely different track. Check out the Japanese and Korean versions of the single below:

3. The moment 2PM invites you to their house, you know it's a sexy come on! Their latest single "My House" was alluring with a fairy-tale twist.

4. Rain scenes are always sexy on camera. When the six K-pop idols decided to pour their hearts out in "Without U," Hottests obviously couldn't look away.

5.  The video for "Come Back When You Hear this Song" is subtly provocative. The song is about admitting you were wrong and begging a lover to return to you.

Which sexy video is your favorite? Does seeing Taec with his boys make you want to see more of him in his new KBS series Assembly? Check out the first episode below:

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