2017 has been a good year for these 20-something actors who are dominating the scenes in Asian dramas. These rising actors are not only charming on the screen but also have impressed viewers with their strong acting skills. Even more stunning is that many of them became first-time leading men this year. Who is your favorite of them all?

(This list is ordered by their age. Although Korean actors usually go by the Korean age which adds one year to the western age, the western age is used here for consistency with non-Korean actors.)

1. Nam Joo Hyuk, 23 - From Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo to The Bride of the Water God, the rising Korean leading man is guaranteed to shine even brighter.

2. Zhang Bin Bin, 24 - He is the hottest new Chinese leading man with his phenomenal performance as a ruthless king in The King's Woman

3. Yang Se Jong, 24 - It's more than luck that the promising actor is now in his first romantic leading-man role in Temperature of Love

4. Lee Hyun Woo, 24 - He has transitioned from teen star to romantic leading man in Lovely Love Lie (aka The Liar and His Lover), after leading in Moorim School last year.

5. Park Bo Gum, 24 - He is on the lookout after his breakout performance in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Fans are waiting anxiously for good news.

6. Yoo Seung Ho, 24 - The young actor is already an established star with quite an extensive portfolio, and has been kicking up a storm ever since he completed his military service. He most recently starred in Ruler: Master of the Mask.

7. Park Hyun Sik, 25 - He lit up the screen and charmed Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and we can't wait for another drama from him.

8. Kang Min Hyuk, 26 - He is now a medical doctor on Hospital Ship and wooing romance queen Ha Ji Won. His smile is simply irresistible. Take your number and line up!

9. Yang Yang, 26 - He is so popular in China that his birthday party is broadcast to millions of fans. We know him as the handsome college student who is also a virtual gamer-entrepreneur in Love O2O. He'll next appear on DramaFever in the movie I Belonged to You.

10. Go Kyung Pyo, 27 - He proved that the little guy can reach success in Strongest Deliveryman, and he also finally won the leading lady.

11. Park Seo Joon, 28 - His star has been rising for the last few years ever since Kill Me, Heal Me. You can binge his very popular Fight My Way now!

The newest addition to this list is...

12. Kai, 23 - The EXO singer is starring in his first romantic leading-man role in Andante:



Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Lee Ye Hyun

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Is your favorite new leading man on the list? Comment below!

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