A hilarious "Japanese" commercial for Donald Trump has surfaced online, and at first sight, it looks like an endorsement video created by a Tokyo advertising agency. In reality, it's just an over-the-top parody mocking the presumed Republican presidential candidate, and it's become an internet sensation overnight. Banzai Trump for president of the world!

At this point in time, anything involving Donald Trump automatically seems like a parody anyway, but to reiterate, this "Japanese" commercial supporting Donald Trump is meant to be a joke. The man responsible for this crazy ad is Mike Dahlquist, better known as Mike Diva, who's a video director, special effects artist, musician, and YouTube personality from Los Angeles. Spending 1000 dollars of his own money, he created an outrageous commercial for Donald Trump's campaign for president of the world. As can be expected, Mike hates Trump and loves quirky Japanese ads, so he put those two together and came up with a commercial that's garnered a total of almost 20 million views on Facebook and YouTube in a matter of days. 

And of course, because Donald Trump is the subject, the comments section on YouTube has some very passionate thoughts and opinions, of which Mike loves reading. So sit back, watch this parody, and enjoy Trump's presence for once, because we'll be seeing a lot of him from now until November, and none of that is going to be very funny. Oh well . . . 

Banzai Trump!