Happy Valentine's Day, drama fans! Today is the special day you get to spend with your lover. In Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, our tomboy fairy hit the jackpot when she stole the heart of sexy swimmer Joon Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk). Before you start declaring that your guy is the best, I want you to see 8 photos that proves Nam Joo Hyuk is hotter than your valentine this year. 

1. His iconic physique highly encourages K-drama binge watching. Fans don't want to miss these chocolate abs.

2. Just in case you needed a better view of his perfect body, here you go! Would you love for him to give you private swimming lessons?

3. He may be dressed for winter in this photo shoot, but his mind seems to be set in summer. When does the summer countdown begin so he can shed this bulky sweater? 


4. He can rock those royal Scarlet Heart: Ryeo studs like no one else.

5. Nam is all about In-N-Out Burger. He would happily treat you to a famous west coast burger with the works.

6. He looks remarkable in hanbok! It seems any century suits him. Is he secretly a time traveler like Lee Je Hoon in Tomorrow With You

7.  The 22 year-old actor and model is smoldering. Summer has arrived!

8. Nam stands at 6 foot 2 inches. You can't get any sexier than that! He surpasses those tall, dark and handsome requirements.

You can't deny that he is hot! Will your valentine get jealous of your Nam Joo Hyuk drama marathon after your date?

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Image Credit: Nam Joo Hyuk's Instagram


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