Just a few months ago ,Kim Yoo Jung caused quite the stir when it was revealed that she of took part in her high school play. And now, another school play has become a must-see event for fans, as Park Bo Gum is set to perform as a cast member of his university's graduating-class production of the iconic musical Hairspray.

To those who know the 23-year-ol superstar, his participation in the upcoming graduation performance for students of the musical theatre department at MyongjiUniversity is nothing surprising at all. Despite his busy schedule and obvious fame, Park Bo Gum has always made an effort to attend classes as much as possible and try to get as much out of college as he could. Going to school for him was never a publicity stunt of any kind. He enrolled in 2014, and will now graduate with a degree in musical theatre. 

But as expected, the moment the actor's agency Blossom Entertainment made the announcement on May 8th that he would indeed be taking part in his graduation play, the usually-routine school production quite possibly became one of the biggest events in the school's history. For this, the humble star apparently felt a sense of responsibility. "With the news of his appearance going viral, Park Bo Gum felt sorry for his fellow colleagues taking part in the performance," read a statement from the media announcement. Sure, he might have feel like he's causing an inconvenience. But guaranteed — everyone involved, from his fellow cast members and classmates, the school, friends and family of the student body, and all his fans — have never been as excited for a school musical than they are for the production of Hairspray, about to be put on this spring by Myongji University's graduating musical theatre class of 2017.

Congratulations to all!

On the way to school . . .

I love the privacy I get at school

It's like no one even knows I'm here

I wonder what everyone's taking a picture of

They must think I look like that actor

I'm outta here . . . 


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