" target="_blank">Spring Has Come is a J-drama that opens our eyes to the different paths people can take to try and experience their own euphoria. In this short series, Naoko (actress Kurashina Kana) and her family (dad Shoji, mom Sue and little sister Junko) seem to be an average family who follow the same boring routine day after day. Nook's blossoming relationship with South Korean photographer, Lee Ji Won (EXO's Kai), exposes the secrets the family have been hiding from each other, with Ji Won's secret in Korea being the most surprising of them all. All of the secrets turn out to be related to personal happiness.

Let's take a look at the five different paths the characters believed would make their lives happier.

1. Photography heals all wounds.

Lee Ji Won used his art as an excuse to run away from his problems at home in South Korea. He believed photography could help him forget all about his broken home.

2. A relationship equals a perfect life.

Naoko was over the moon when she began dating Ji Won. He was her reason for living. She was willing to give up everything as long as he stayed by her side.

3. Any job can help you escape your reality.

Junko's escort job was the first step in helping her escape her home life. She was unsatisfied with her family's financial state, and she was prepared to do whatever it took to carve out a more exciting life for herself.

4. A new identity is the key to happiness.

Shuji was so unsatisfied with his dull existence that he needed an outlet. He found happiness by transforming into the glamorous Katherine.

5. Family is your sole reason for living.

Sue didn't seek out any new roads to find her happiness. Despite her initial disappointment from her husband keeping secrets from her, Sue seemed content with serving her family and was elated at the thought of gaining a son-in-law.

Did their roads lead them to pure joy? Binge watch the compelling short series" target="_blank">Spring Has Come today to find out.


Spring Has Come

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Kurashina Kana

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