On February 24, Rain returns to K-drama lovers in the all-new hilarious series Come Back, Mister. In the show, he portrays handsome store manager Lee Hae Joon, whose body becomes possessed by an employee who was worked to death. During Rain's career, he's taken on a number of diverse roles, but nothing can compare to his amazing life off-screen. He enjoys his rewarding career as a successful idol, music producer and actor. 

Let's take a look at 10 recent photos from his glamorous life that made you envy him. 

1. Who else wants to party at a hot concert in this tropical paradise? Rain took this photo in tropical North Queensland's Cairns (aka the gateway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef).

2. He seems to be completely relaxed while taking in this breathtaking view of China's port city Xiamen.

3. He hangs out in the Gangnam ward of Cheongdam-dong. This is the ultimate Ganganm style for wealthy professionals who have studied abroad. His impressive Hollywood resume probably gives him extra brownie points!

4. He has an incredibly talented on-stage family! He and his back-up dancers posed for a classic black and white photo during The Squall Tour. 

5. Is your mouth watering after seeing this delicious Korean chicken fit for an idol king? 

6. When the 33-year-old star pulls an all-nighter for work, he looks so refreshed. 

7. His co-workers are celebrities like Kim Soo Ro, Oh Yeon Seo and Kim In Kwon.

8. After the Hallyu Star goes to the gym, his body is a work of art. He seriously resembles a timeless sculpture!


9. The "Rainism" singer receives unique and delicious fan gifts from all over the world! 

10. Did I forget to mention that he has met top Hollywood stars like Julianne Moore? This priceless photo op was from his trip to the Met Gala. 

Which unbelievable idol moment do you want to happen in your life? 

Don't forget to watch Rain's coveted on-screen life as well! His new K-drama Come Back, Mister premieres on February 24! 

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Source: Rain's Official Instagram