TVXQ's Changmin looked extra comfy at the airport. The Scholar Who Walks The Night actor boarded a plane at Incheon International Airport headed for the United States today. His trip is for photoshoots with the outdoor clothing brand Center Pole and Italian magazine Grazia. On his way to work overseas, the "Spellbound" singer decided to wear comfortable causal attire for his long plane ride. 

Let's check out some photos of his laid-back look.

1. He's glowing! His fashion sense must be inspired.


2. His whole team looks like they are ready to kick back and enjoy the flight. Comfortable clothes must be in this season.


3. Changmin seems like he is really enjoying the fresh air. His dark blue shirt looks warm and cozy, while his skinny jeans and sneakers make him ball game ready. 

4. Of course, he notices his adoring fans greeting him at the airport! He can always sense their presence. 

5.  The caring idol remembers to bid his fans farewell until he returns to them. He also gives them a terrific view of his futuristic silver backpack. 


The star's fellow TVXQ band member Yun Ho is serving his two-year military service. He enlisted in July, while Changmin plans to enlist on November 19. 

Which airport fashion photo is your favorite?

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