It's almost time for Kim Bum to join the ultimate undercover detectives in Hidden Identity! The former flower boy is shedding his pretty boy image once again to take on bad guys in the upcoming crime tvN K-drama. He began his tough guy image in the 2009 SBS series Dream and continued his venture into action-packed productions with Padam PadamGoddess of Fire, and the film Fly High.

Let's take a look at seven times he looked like a sexy bodyguard over the years. 

1. Kim Bum looks excited to protect! Who knew boxing in the K-drama Dream could be so fun?

2. He literally played a guardian angel protecting Yang Kang Chil (actor Jung Woo Sung) in Padam Padam. If only all bodyguards looked like this.

3. In 2009, Kim promoted Samsung's Anycall cell phone, and the theme song for the commercial was titled "Bodyguard." He protected Kim So Eun after Boys Over Flowers, so you know fans fell in love with this brief CF role.

4. This time around, Kim looks like he isn't afraid to get in a brutal fight as character Lee Jang Suk in Dream. He is ready for the battle!

5. Watch out! When he became Kim Tae Do in Goddess of Fire, he was fierce. He protected Yoo Jung (Actress Moon Geun Young) and practiced martial arts in the historical series. 

6. Kim Bum can be tough and sexy even when he meets the press! Wouldn't you trust him with your life?

7. I know Kim looks more adorable here than tough, but you have to admit his photo as Si Bum in the movie Fly High is a little rough around the edges. He might have taken a hit; however, he is more than able to get back in the fight.

Which sexy bodyguard look is your favorite?

See the trailer for Kim Bum's next tough role as an undercover police officer in Hidden Identity below:

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