SHINee's Choi Min Ho returned to the small screen recently to play pretty boy Soo Ho in the flower boy filled series Hwarang. Because Soo Ho is so open and outgoing, many perceive his character to be just another playboy, but this historical figure has a heart of gold that belongs to only one woman. 

If you haven't already started your Hwarang marathon, you are missing out! Min Ho is one of many reasons you should be tuning in. The 25-year-old idol can sing, rap, dance, act and he's a total heartthrob.

Don't take my word for it, check out these 10 photos of the SHINee member that will make you melt. 

1. Min Ho's piercing stare is gold!

2. Is he still handsome with golden and gray locks? You be the judge! 

3. I'm loving the suit and coat. Blue becomes him! 

4. Even children love the SHINee rapper. I wonder if he is a loyal ShaWol like the rest of us,

5. Get down, Min Ho! You can never beat him on the dance floor. 

6. Before an idol decides to go shirtless, it's always best to give fans a preview of their chiseled arms. Fan service complete!

7. Min Ho is adorable when he is acting shy. This still from Because Its The First Time could have been great inspiration for My Shy Boss

8. The 25 year-old star debuted with SHINee when he was just a teen. As you can see, he is all grown up now. Fitness goals set!

9. Just in case you needed another sizzling photo of his perfect abs, here you go!

10. K-drama lovers, Min Ho is a fanboy too! Who says idols can't have a bias?

Which Choi Min Ho photo is persuading you to start your Hwarang marathon this weekend? 

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