2NE1's Sandara Park stars as North Korean beauty pageant contestant Rhee Yeon Hwa in the upcoming web drama Missing Korea. The hilarious new short series promises to be a delightful production about a futuristic Korea. Since 2009, the YGFamily member has been bewitching the global audience with her beauty and talent. I decided to list 8 photos of the lovely star that can easily set her apart as a pageant front-runner in real life.

1. I can't decide which is more fabulous... her jagged colorful jewelry, or her custom photo tee? 

2. Can you find this one-of-kind skirt anywhere but YG Entertainment? The YGFamily has got her back in the fashion department!

3. She glammed it up with her long sunkissed tresses and sexy black mini dress. It appears the unique gown was tailor made for the hot idol. 

4. Ah, the classic half-shaved head hairstyle from 2012. No one could wear that style like Dara!

5. Is she a Bond girl? No, being a YG lady is much better!

6. Who looks like a princess from an exotic land? Dara does! The classic 90s hairdo becomes her. 

7. Even SHINee fell for her in a series of Etude commercials! That school girl look is adorable. 

8. This simple look is classic yet elegant. She could easily strut down that catwalk or dine out with the girls.

Which look is your favorite?  Don't forget to watch the lovely idol in Missing Korea on January 27! You can see Dara in the latest trailer below:

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