Today, Seo In Guk's autumn gem Shopping King Louis premieres in its entirety on DramaFever. He plays a rich guy with amnesia who eventually romances Go Bok Shil (actress Nam Ji Hyun). She is a sweet naive girl with a heart of gold. Will Seo transform into Mr. Right for her? Only a proper K-drama binge-watching session will tell, but I can give you nine appealing photos of the star Seo In Guk that are sure to make you an instant Shopping King Louis fan.

1. Who else can resemble a work of art in a creepy facial mask? He looks like a human sculpture.

2. Throw away all your aspirins! Seo In Guk will make that pesty pain go away.

3. You have to admit he looks good when he is working hard on set. A hard working man is incredibly sexy! 

4. This photo is adorable. He makes nerds look even cooler than they already are.

5. He is just sitting there waiting for his fandom to binge watch his latest K-drama.

6. Selfies are identical to professional photography when you are as hot as he is.

7. His arms are everything! I know you wish your man had ripped arms like this.

8. No diehard Seo In Guk fan would pass up a photo of him in a wife-beater. It just wouldn't be proper.

9. If you didn't believe he was a hunk before, I think this steamy photo answers your question. 

After seeing this list, will you be spending the holidays with Seo In Guk in Shopping King Louis?


Shopping King Louis

Starring Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun

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Image Credits: Seo In Guk's Instagram and Seo In Guk's Facebook