Be With You star So Ji Sub has been one of South Korea's beloved leading men for over a decade. He's earned an impressive resume with a host of talented co-stars. Even So and his leading ladies complement each other so well! Viewers can't help but get caught up in the moment.

Let's take a look at 7 of his stunning leading ladies we thought were his perfect match.

1. Son Ye Jin

The" target="_blank">Something in the Rain actress reunited with her former co-star in the romantic film Be With You. The two veterans actually played siblings in the 2001 MBC series Delicious Proposal. This year, they portray lovers!

2. Shin Min Ah

The Tomorrow With You actress enlisted the help of So's fitness team to assist her with slimming down in the 2015 series Oh My Venus. Of course, she and her handsome trainer became smitten with one another over time.

3. Gong Hyo Jin

In the 2013 romantic thriller The Master's Sun, the pair bonded over one's ability to see ghosts. They started relying on each other for protection and valued their innate talents.

4. Lee Yeon Hee

Ghost brought these two together in 2012. So Ji Sub took on a dual role in this crime thriller and somehow developed feelings for a pretty female detective along the way.

5. Lee Mi Yeon

She was the single mom So's character fell in love with in the the 2012 action film The Company Man. His lethal character was willing to give up a life of crime in order to be with her forever.

6. Han Hyo Joo

In 2011, she played a blind girl who bonded with an ex-boxer in the 2011 melodramatic film Always. The Shining Inheritance actress had the magic touch to soften his hard heart.

7. Kim Ha Neul

These two played childhood sweethearts who were separated because of So's character enlisting in the military. The 2010 action film Road Number One highlighted the pair's tough separation and unexpected reunion.

Which pair are you still shipping today?

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