South Korean males are required by law to serve in the military for approximately two years, leaving fans of some male celebrities utterly heartbroken. While they miss their stars' latest music, movies and TV shows, fans can't help but be proud and tend to swoon when they see their favorites wearing army fatigues. Let's take a look at 10 actors and idols who look simply dashing in uniform!

1. Lee Min Ho

The longtime heartthrob impressed everyone when he started basic training this month. The Boys Over Flowers star is scheduled to return to his fans in May 2019.

2. Kim Soo Hyun

After enlisting in October 2017, Kim seems to be doing well and even won a vacation award for being an outstanding trainee. His discharge date of July 2019 can't come soon enough as fans wait fervently for their favorite alien from My Love From Another Star to return to them.


The Secret Message actor is scheduled to be discharged in June 2019, and his supporters have been missing him like crazy! Despite all the controversy surrounding him over the past year, VIPs will always have unconditional love for their idol bias.

4. BIGBANG's G-dragon

G-dragon enlisted on February 27, and he's already sustained minor injuries during training. Fans will always be concerned for his well-being, but they can't deny seeing his face makes them feel so much better. The BIGBANG: 'MADE' TOUR star will return to music in November 2019.

5. 2PM's Taecyeon

Last fall, the Save Me star enlisted as an active duty soldier after giving up his US visa and passing his physical with flying colors. His Korean fans must be proud! He's expected to be discharged in June 2019.

6. Kang Ha Neul

In September 2017, the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actor started training to become the best military police officer he could be. We have no doubt he'll continue to work hard until his discharge date in June 2019.

7. Yoo Seung Ho

The young actor enlisted at age 19 and completed his service in 2014. He brought his army fatigue style back in the last episode of I'm Not a Robot.

8. Song Joong Ki

The newlywed looked impressive in his real life army fatigues shortly before donning make-believe military attire for his role in Descendants of the Sun after being discharged in 2015.

9. Hyun Bin

In 2012, the Hyde, Jekyll, and I star returned to his fans after completing his service in the Marine Corps. He openly admitted that he missed acting terribly during his time away.

10. Lee Dong Wook

The Goblin actor completed his mandatory service in 2011. While his fandom was happy to see him again, they probably missed this look on him.

Which handsome celebrity are you crushing on the most?

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