Having a sense of humor will always get you through the day, and a couple from Taiwan is showing the world that's exactly how they get through their relationship. Parodying popular photo series #FollowMeTo, started by Russian photographer Murad Osmann, the hilarious couple recreated their own unique #FollowMeTo series, and their playful romance is sure to have you enjoying a good laugh.

Hailing from Taiwan, cute couple Agnes Chien and Forrest Lu came up with their own version of #FollowMeTo while on vacation in Hawaii. They had obviously known of photographer Murad Osmann, whose photos of him following his wife around the world as she holds his hand made him an Instagram sensation. Well, she eventually took him to Taiwan, where he took loving photos of his wife in the country's many beautiful locations. Agnes and Forrest, a romantic couple in their own right, decided to take their own photos, inspired by Murad and his wife, but totally with their own take on the bond that keeps them together.

That bond, ladies and gentlemen, is what you see in the photos below, right under the originals of Mr. Osmann, whose face you never actually see. In the hilarious recreations, Forrest's face is in full view, as Agnes drags him around by his hair, ear, and even nostrils. It seems that Agnes is the one who has the final word in their relationship, but what's evident in their photos is that their relationship is built on a love for each other and mutual understanding, just like Mr. Osmann and his wife. 

In love

Within a day of going up on Facebook, Agnes and Forrest's photos garnered over 120,000 likes. Life is definitely better when you're laughing.


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