Do you miss the hit 2009 K-drama You're Beautiful? Viewers around the world for were entranced for 16 straight hours as they watched Park Shin Hye's character fall in love withJang Geun Suk, while the rest of the band fell hard for her. Well, Taiwan missed the K-drama so much they brought the electricity back in 2013 with stars Jiro Wang and Cheng Yu Xi in the lovable remake Fabulous Boys. The series follows the same storyline of a nun filling in her brother's shoes as a member of his rock band. This time around, Wang is the main heartthrob, Cheng is the nun pretending to be a rockstar, and the original K-drama nun Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance.

In honor of the Fabulous Boys' debut on DramaFever, I decided to put together seven photos of leading man Jiro Wang showcasing his star ability. 

1. A leading man wouldn't be perfect without the right chiseled physique. Jiro proves he has what it takes for those surprising shirtless scenes. 

2. His captivating gaze can easily win him a role as a vampire in a future series. I assume his 2014 film Bloody Doll introduced his fans to the kind of horror films he is capable of starring in. For Fabulous Boys, he can melt the heart of actress Cheng.

3. He can rock animal prints and brown hair! Those are two things any rockstar may run into when they are completing their eccentric look.

4. Who can wear a sleeveless shirt and lounge around better than he can? This photo is perfection itself.

5. This suit's design looks like elaborate drapes for windows, but when Jiro wears it, the outfit comes alive. He can make anything look absolutely fabulous! That is a big relief for movie wardrobe departments. 

6. The Fahrenheit singer can easily jazz up a simple bowl cut. Plus, the flashy gray shirt is perfect under that black suit jacket.

7. He showcased his ability to play an android man in Absolute Boyfriend. This star knows how to play human and robot characters flawlessly!

After viewing these amazing snapshots of Wang, will you be tuning into Fabulous Boys to see more of this handsome star?

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