Even though today is a holiday, it's still Monday! That means we have a long work week ahead. To make time pass by quickly, it's best to daydream about our celebrity crushes. As DramaFever continues to count down the days until the exciting Are You Human Too? premiere on June 4, let's recognize star Seo Kang Joon as our Man Crush Monday with a few ab-tastic photos.

1. He's ready for his close-up for InStyle Korea.

2. Another striking pose from this sexy photo shoot.

3. This is an incredible behind the scenes shot of Seo on the set of Sly and Single Again!

4. Geek magazine didn't let all his hard work at the gym go unnoticed.

5. He was thoroughly enjoying his surge in popularity during this 2016 shoot.

Which Seo Kang Joon photo do you want as your smartphone's wallpaper?

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Image Credit: Fantagio


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