Hello Angels! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Please, Come Back Mister. In these episodes, we witness many surprises. It is revealed that Gi Tak and Da Hye are siblings, which means that Gi Tak and Young Soo are in-laws. It also appears that Ha Dye may have a secret she has been keeping about Ha Na's birth father and now she has gone missing.  How will the relationship between Gi Tak and Young Soo change now that they are related? Will Ha Na discover who her real father is? Join Firnlambe, Marakeshsparrow, and I as we discuss!


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Marakeshsparrow: Wow. I really enjoyed these two episodes. I feel like a lot happened! And a lot was revealed as well! Of course the biggest reveal was about Han Gi Tak’s dongsaeng… That seriously threw me for a loop. Everyone seemed to think that was a picture of Gi Tak and his younger brother so I bought that maybe Jung Ji Hoon was the lost sibling. But finding out it was Da Hye! Beautiful, feminine, widow of Young Soo, Da Hye! I was suddenly questioning everything!

Firnlambe: Honestly, that reveal wasn’t nearly as shocking as the possibility that Da Hye is a lying wife and had someone else’s child. At least that’s what I pulled out of what was shown to us when Ha Na took Ji Hoon aside and had him drink the banana juice. Making both of them break out due to an eerily similar allergy. That was more shocking to me than the brother/sister reveal. I mean, what the hell Da Hye! I thought you loved Young Soo?!?

DeShonda: I was very surprised at the sibling relationship Gi Tak now has. I did not expect that at all. I also thought the child in the picture was a little boy, just to find out it was a girl. And that girl is none other than Da Hye. But now everything makes sense now. I see the connection between Young Soo and Gi Tak and why the two of them were bought together. I was also shocked about Da Hye’s betrayal as well. I was not expecting that either. That reveal was very surprising to me and it’s making this storyline a bit more interesting as well.

Marakeshfsparrow: See my thoughts on that were that she had possibly gotten pregnant right before she met Young Soo. Or at least before they were married (not sure how long they dated before tying the knot). I don’t think she would have cheated on him--I don’t think anyway. But however you look at it, she did lie about who the father is and let Young Soo believe Ha Na was his. Which will be a heartbreaking blow, I’m sure.

Firnlambe: And let's not forget that Ha Na has been lied to as well. She has to suspect something, why else would she say she’s going to see her dad. To those who believe she thinks Young Soo is her father it looks suspiciously like a suicide note, but if you think of it from the perspective that she knows Ji Hoon is her real dad--it just reads that she went to go and see her dad. I think we’ll see her at Ji Hoon’s place next week.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I’m thinking she might end up at Ji Hoon’s. But I also thought she might have gone to see her dad’s burial plot--my mind didn’t quite jump to potential suicide! Though that could be why Da Hye was freaking out so much (though I’m thinking it’s just the idea that your child is out somewhere in the city alone and you don’t know where she is). Anyway, it looks like it’s leaning towards Ji Hoon being her real dad, but I have to say I’m sad about that. Young Soo loves his daughter so much! I don’t want that goof ball to be hurt. I’m afraid he’ll wonder why he came back at all since much of what he thought was true was a lie. And I know this is going to fuel his jealousy of Ji Hoon again. Ugh. Not too happy about that. Though it definitely turns up the drama meter!

DeShonda: I completely agree with both of you ladies on this one. I really love Han Na and I believe that she will go to Ji Hoon’s as well. I know that this revelation is going to hurt Young Soo very much as mentioned before, he cares for her so much. I have a feeling that this is going to be very heartbreaking and I know I will be in tears when everything is revealed to Young Soo.

Firnlambe: Yeah, this reveal is going to be heartbreaking, but on the plus side at least our stupid gangster leader has been put in his place. I just wish it hadn’t been Jerkface Ex that did it. I can’t figure that man out. Does he still like Yi Yeon?

Marakeshsparrow: Oh man, that scene where Jerkface Ex snapped and almost stabbed Na Suk Chul was intense! I know we’ve talked about the two sides to this actor before, but I think he’s particularly good at playing these crazy villainous types! Something about his eyes. Anyway, I think he just wants to possess Yi Yeon. He doesn’t exactly want her, but he wants to be able to control her. //shudders// He’s seriously the worst--I’d say he’s even more of a villain than Suk Chul! I’m still loving Hang Gi Tak’s storyline. Aside from the revelation about his sister, I love how “Hong Nan” has become the defacto boss of his little team and both Sung Jae and the wannabe Chef react to her like they did Gi Tak. Also, I think Yi Yeon is starting to see more and more of Gi Tak in his “sister,” which has her a bit confused probably. I loved how young and girlish she was acting after Hong Nan saved her from drowning and was drying her hair for her. That was really cute! 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So Angels, what do you think about this week episodes? Where do you think Ha Na has run off to? How do you think Young Soo will react if he finds out Ha Na is not his daughter? What do you think about the reveal of Gi Tak and Ha Dye being siblings? Let us know in the comments below and join us next week for another exciting recap of Please, Come Back Mister

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