In the first half of 2016, K-drama fans were given a very nice variety of shows to choose from. We could watch traditionally long dramas, two-part specials resembling movies,and cute web dramas. You have to admit; there were some exceptionally touching shows that made me bring out the tissues. The surprising thing was that some of these dramas promised to be strictly lighthearted or just action-packed, but they had us crying before the end credits began rolling.

This list features some of the dramas I surprisingly found as tearjerkers:

1. Descendants of the Sun

DOTS was a thrilling roller-coaster ride for everyone who enjoyed the blockbuster K-drama of the year. The constant threat on Yoo Shi Jin, Seo Dae Young, and Yoon Myung Joo's lives was enough to leave any viewer bawling. Not to mention, the entire medical team stationed in Uruk was in constant danger. What's a K-drama fan to do when all you want is a happy ending?

2. Cheese in the Trap

Yoo Jung, Hong Seol, Baek In Ho, and Baek In Ha all had heartbreaking backstories that were fleshed out as the drama unfolded. From childhoods full of abuse and abandonment to injuries that never healed, this rom-com had moments that made viewers cry while taking their breath away.

3. Puck!

Lee Kwang Soo almost had me bawling when he portrayed gangster-in-training Jo Joon Man. Jo was obligated to become an enforcer for a heinous gang boss after his ex-wife left him in tremendous debt. When he attempts to collect money from a poor hockey coach, he accidentally becomes attached to the struggling team. On a side note, Jo's heart for the shy woman who can't pay off her debt makes you shed a few tears too.

4. Click Your Heart

At least two of the outcomes in this seemingly cutesy short series makes your heart drop. You have to watch all four of Minah's pairings with the NEOZ School members to discover which story you will need tissues for. The first story I chose had such a tragic backstory. I'm almost tearing up just thinking about it.

5. Choco Bank

Kim Eun Haeng's inability to land that perfect banker job and his devotion to his mom would make anyone snivel or shed a few tears. In addition, Dal Soo and Ha Choco's seemingly one-sided love story was sweet yet a tad depressing. Why couldn't they muster up the courage to just confess?

Which drama made you tear up this year?


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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