On July 29, KCON LA kicks off with games, food and plenty of K-Pop! This years's two-night concert, which runs from July 30 - 31, features some of today's hottest names in the South Korean music industry. SHINee, TWICE and BTS are just a few of the hot idols getting ready to give you the performances of a lifetime. Before you head to the exciting event next week, let's take a look at popular music videos from the headlining idols. 

1. SHINee - "Lucifer" (2010)

With almost 74 million views since it's release, this single is still haunting listeners nationwide. The woman they loved may have been deceptive, but SHINee continues to perform this classic hit whenever they get the chance. 

2. Girls Generation TTS - "Twinkle " (2012)

GG's unit group made a big splash in the K-Pop world with the release of their debut single 4 years ago. EXO even guest-starred in the video that currently has over 70 million views.

3. TWICE - "Cheer Up" (2016)

After debuting last year, the JYPNation girl group has already become a K-Pop fan favorite! Their "Cheer Up" music video surpassed 62 million views since its release in April. Even Park Shin Hye is a fan of the upbeat track!

4. F(x)'s Amber - "Shake That Brass" (2015)

The beloved idol had a great start to her solo career with this celebrity-filled music video that looked like the biggest party of the year. Over 18 million views later, Amber's fans are still loving her fun video featuring Girls Generation's Taeyeon. 

5. BTS - "Dope" (2015)

These hip hop idols are sweeping the world with their intense beats and catchy lyrics. Are you one of the 78 million people who has replayed this hot track since last June? 

6. Block B - "HER" (2014)

They fuse R&B and hip hop to make up their signature style in the K-Pop industry. Block B included bright colors in this video about a beautiful woman that attracted over 14 million views. 

7. I.O.I - "Dream Girls" (2016)

I think 13 miilion views for a debut music video is amazing! I.O.I's music career is already off to a great start with their first hit song about having confidence in yourself. 

8. Monsta X - "Hero" Rooftop Version (2015)

These rookie idols took their incredible dancing to the roof! It paid off big time with their 16 million views and counting. Have you been a fan of their music skills since their debut last year?

9. GFriend - "Rough " (2016)

K-pop's new girlfriends might have a tough time expressing their feelings to their crush, but K-Pop fans have no problem showing their love. Over 27 million already love the girls' sad winter single. 

10. Eric Nam - "Heaven's Door" (2013)

K-Pop fans are loving the journey Nam is taking them to the door of paradise! Around 3 million views later, Eric is just as suave and lovable as he was during his debut.

The English version for your viewing pleasure.

Which trending idol are you looking forward to seeing at 2016 KCON LA the most?

KCON General Information:

  • KCON 2016 Los Angeles is on July 29-31 at the Los Angeles Convention Center with the concert taking place at the Staples Center. For additional information, please visit kconusa.com and download the Official KCON App available for iOS at bit.ly/KCONappstore and for Android at bit.ly/KCONplaystore
  • KLUB KCON Los Angeles will be held at The Novo by Microsoft on July 29, 2016 from 5:30PM-10:00PM
  • All ticket information for #KCON16LA & KLUB KCON can be found at http://www.kconusa.com/kcon-la-tickets/

While you wait for next weekend, enjoy the entertaining performances from the KCON 2015 Concert here on DramaFever. 

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