Already serving the smallest portions of all McDonald's chains in the world, all franchises in Japan are downsizing even more, sure to be upsetting longtime customers who now have to settle for even less.

As I wrote last month on an article regarding the serving sizes of McDonald's around the world, Japan's servings are the smallest of any McLovin' country. There are no Supersize Meals in Japan, only mini-sizes. And now, to the disappointment of millions of Japanese customers, the chain will no longer serve medium and large size French fries. The reason for this, as announced by McDonald's, is due to a labor dispute currently going on at the docks in California between harbor operators and workers, affecting the export of potatoes to Japan. And since McDonald's wants to have enough potatoes to feed every customer who wants them, they've decided to do away with the larger sizes. The already super-small size fries are all you can order even for value meals, but the prices for them will decrease by 50 yen.

Some things like trade disagreements and droughts are beyond our control, so there's really nothing anyone can do about reductions in supplies or a raise in prices. It's just too bad it's making the already tiny servings at McDonald's Japan even tinier. This heavy reality hits all 3100 franchises and their customers all over Japan, and for now, company officials aren't saying when this nightmare will end.

But at least their position as the world's smallest-size-serving McDonald's won't be challenged for a while.

Going to be even smaller...

Watch Seo In Guk and Shin Sung Rok use face reading to place a rightful king on the throne in The King’s Face:

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Not-so-happy meal

The good old days. Mega-fries!!