Let's Drink ends its 16 episode run tomorrow. While we all feel like shedding a tear, the romantic comedy had brought us so many laughs over the past several weeks it would only be proper to give it a happy send off. So, let's take a look at seven precious photos from Key's official Instagram account that will make you beam with joy this finale week. 

1. He and his on-screen Let's Drink buddies giving a thumbs up for the camera.

2. It's V sign time, but Gong Myung decides to stand out by sticking with his thumbs up.

3. Key's dogs aren't puppies anymore, but they are still cute as a button. Doggie looks like a genius!

4.He is spending quality time with them following his hectic filming and 1 of 1 album promotion schedule. 

5. After his fellow SHINee member Minho guest starred, the lovable Jo Kwon made a hilarious guest appearance as the student who couldn't make up his mind. The idols took a great selfie together! I wonder what career path his character finally chose. 

6. Key promoting his first TV show just 7 weeks ago. Great memories!

7. Key getting ready to enjoy a delicious meal for one of his scenes. A tasty foodmakes everyone happy, right?

Are you ready to thoroughly enjoy the last two episodes of Let's Drink


Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun

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Image Credit: Key's Instagram