This Saturday, Something in the Rain (aka Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food) premieres on DramaFever. While we are excited to see Jung Hae In's sizzling chemistry with his gorgeous co-star Son Ye Jin, we're so curious about the progression of their working relationship behind the scenes. The 30 year-old actor revealed in recent months what he thought about his beautiful co-stars Song Ye Jin and Bae Suzy. Let's find out if he is their biggest fanboy on-screen and off.

Son Ye Jin

During the Something in the Rain press conference, Jung confessed that he thoroughly enjoyed working on his recent project. His initial awkwardness with Son even helped the filming process, but now they are very comfortable with one another. “It’s true that at the very beginning, we were awkward when acting out [our characters’] romance. In my opinion, that awkwardness actually helped us to better portray the relationship between our two characters in the drama. Because Ye Jin takes good care of me and helps me feel comfortable, I’m enjoying filming now. Our teamwork is so good that I even feel comfortable throwing out ad-libs.”

Bae Suzy

Last year, he starred alongside the former Miss A member in the SBS thriller While You Were Sleeping, and he couldn't stop gushing about how wonderful she is in real life. “She’s really pretty. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s extremely nice, and I felt really comfortable filming with her. She’s kind and considerate. My character had a crush on hers, and she made it easier for me to act. She’s definitely a mood maker."

Jung Hae In says such kind things about his co-stars! They must have had a wonderful time on their filming sets.

His new show Something in the Rain is about a sexy noona romance that blossoms between a mature woman and her best friend's younger brother. The sensible yet fun-loving guy returns home after three years of working overseas, and she begins to see him in a new light.

Are you counting down the hours until you can binge-watch Jung Hae In's latest series?


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