Lee Sung Kyung is already a pro! After eight years in the entertainment industry, Lee is finally making her presence known in the acting world. Only some people in Asia knew her for six years before she made her acting debut in 2014, but now, Lee Sung Kyung is a household name! If you are wondering which roles helped define the 25-year-old's acting talent, I have made it easy for you by listing every leading role she has accepted since her debut.

1.Oh So Nyeo -  It's Okay, That's Love

The superficial bad girl-turned-good was a wonderful thing to see in this heart-wrenching series. Who wouldn't be entertained by her on-screen pairing with the lovable Lee Kwang Soo

2.  Kang Yi Sol - Flower of the Queen

Lee's character Kang Yi Sol finally reunites with the mom who abandoned her years ago. The good girl's journey to her birth parents leads her to true love Yoon Park (actor Park Jae Joon). Lee wins the guy in this melodrama.

3. Baek In Ha  - Cheese in the Trap

She was the bratty little sister of Baek In Ho in this winter 2016 K-drama. Her portrayal of the zany webtoon character made viewers want to laugh, cry, and pull their hair out! The emotional roller coaster was real.

4. Jin Seo Woo - Doctor Crush

Lee plays the model daughter who only wants two things in life: acceptance and love. If she could please her parents and win the heart of the man she loves, her life would be complete. However, her co-worker Hye Jung proves to be her biggest competition in the love department. 

5. Cha Yeon Hee - Broker

Even though extensive details on this upcoming movie aren't known, we do know she accepted the leading lady role alongside actors Kim Young Kwang and Im Ju Hwan. The movie, which began filming in February, is about the murder of a Minister of Justice's daughter. I'm sure she will excel in her new role like she has in her previous dramas.

You can watch the lovely Lee Sung Kyung play Dr. Jin every week in Doctor Crush. Which episode of the medical series is your favorite so far? 


Doctor Crush

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