Chinese actors are eternal heartthrobs. Whether our guys play historical, modern or even fantasy characters, viewers can't help but idolize them. What's not to love if they are gorgeous and gifted? Let's explore seven great reasons Chinese actors deserve to be your man crush every day of the week. 

1. They are handsome with long or short hair. I loved Sean Sun's daily style, but his General and I locks are to die for! 

2. Their sexy voices! The occasional voice-overs really come in handy to highlight their deep voices in productions. Do you find it hard not to swoon over Mark Zhao and Wang Kai's voices too? 

3. Their fight scenes in historicals are always mesmerizing. Pretend fights are even more thrilling if everyone can fly! You can't help but crush on a guy with flying superpowers like in the General and I.

4. Chinese actors never forget their first love! It's to the point where they still use pens their lovers gave them years ago. Li Yifeng's character in Fall In Love Like A Star must have an incredible amount of ink refills! 

5. C-drama actors are smooth when it comes to skinship. They know how to gradually cuddle up to their crushes. Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang's sweet scene in The Princess Weiyoung is a perfect example.

6. Chinese male star's clothes may be from another century (or world), but his style is timeless! Whether you want to compete with his wardrobe or aiming for that couple look, you love his fashion sense. The princes in Ice Fantasy know how to look good even in battle!

7. He keeps you informed about the important events in his life. Who needs to cyber stalk when your man crush tells you everything via social media anyway? So Young 2: Never Gone actor Kris Wu won't leave you in the dark. Following his instagram @galaxy_fanfan gives you life!

Which Chinese drama or movie does your #1 man crush star in? Which one of his productions would you recommend to your family and friends? 

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Image Credit: Trends Health Magazine and Kris Wu's Instagram 


General and I - 孤芳不自赏

Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy) and Wallace Chung

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