Are you watching this year's hottest action series The K2

Whether your fangirling/fanboying for Ji Chang Wook or Yoona, there is no denying The K2 has that special something that hooks viewers from episode one. Viewers in South Korea are thoroughly enjoying the series and it shows by the program's high ratings. 

Why are they watching the series? Other than Ji Chang Wook's ripped physique, I have listed seven reasons why everyone is probably falling in love with this new K-drama treasure. 

1. Jeha's incredible fight scenes. Who isn't holding their breath when he takes on Choi Yoo Jin's hired hit men? 

2. His race car driving for good causes. Saving Yoo Jin and Anna's lives were his priority, but he has a unique way of showing it.

3. Jeha's growing affection for Anna. The scene where he consoles her after she opens up to him is precious. 

4. Presidential candidate Jang Se Joon admitting that he does care about his daughter. He finally requests Jeha protect her until the end,

5. Anna finally reuniting with her dad after years of separation. Despite their conversation filled with miscommunication, the reunion is so emotional it brings tears to your eyes. 

6. Choi Yoo Jin's obvious crush on Jeha. Since he saved her from the fiery car crash, it's vary apparent that she has been way too lenient with him. I think Yoo Jin and Anna will battle for Jeha's heart in latter episodes, but we all know who he favors at this point in the series.

7. Anna's aeygo. Her dancing and overall cuteness in the ramen cooking scene gave the audience life! Viewers are probably wondering when Anna's aeygo will return


Those are some of the best aspects of the series! What keeps you tuning in every weekend?

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