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We know it's coming. There is a big possibility the writers of Producer will create a heartwarming love story between leading stars Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun. However, I will remain in denial until the drama slowly wins me over, like they always do.

Before the writers of Producer steal our hearts, I have put together another sensible list focusing on the love stories in the upcoming series.

1. Their significant age gap poses a problem.

They are eight years apart in real life. It may be hard to truly connect with one another if their communication is awkward.

2. IU and Kim Soo Hyun belong together.

I think I proved this in my last list. They look cute together, sound great singing a duet, they could be the next trending topic online, etc. Plus, the two adorable stars are only five years apart. 

3. I still think her true love is Chef Choi Hyun Wook in Pasta

I admit that I couldn't wait to see love slowly blossom between Byun Jung Soo and No Min Woo's characters. However, there is no denying that Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin) and Hyun Wook (played by actor Lee Sun Gyun) were made for each other. Yeah, Chef!

4. He is an alien.

My Love From Another Star clearly proves my point. Does Gong really want a boyfriend that is not even from this planet?

5. They are too cute to be together.

Cuteness overload is too much for our eyes to take! They both had adorable roles in their respective dramas Dream High and Pasta. Can you seriously imagine Song Sam Dong and Yoo Kyung together? 

Team Cindy, what other reasons would you add to my list? 

See the trailer for Producer below!

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