This week, Longing Heart kicked off with an emotion-charged premiere. Stars CNBlue's JungshinSeo Ji Hoon and Lee Yeol Eum round out the unlikely love triangle where the leading man is jealous of himself. In the warm-hearted series, Jungshin's character Kang Shin Woo must find a way to make his younger self (played by actor Seo Ji Hoon) confess his love for Han Ji Soo (Lee Yeol Eum) to change their future together. Little did he know, his love confession might alter a life and death situation for Ji Soo in the present-day. Longing Heart's premiere episodes are already showing promise that this show will be the most romantic one to watch this winter. Here's why:

1. It's about long-term romantic devotion.

Kang Shin Woo has been in love with his high school sweetheart, Han Ji Soo, for 10 years! Viewers are given the opportunity to see when it all started and if the teenage version of himself can finally win the girl's heart.

2. This series is a win-win situation for the leading man.

Shin Woo can't lose because the other guy in the love triangle is his younger self. She will either fall for the 28-year-old version of Shin Woo or the teenage version. Let's just hope she doesn't give up on both of them and choose another guy altogether!

3. Shin Woo's feelings were reciprocated in high school.

When he traveled back in time, Shin Woo found out his crush was actually quite fond of him. She even pretended to have the same interests as him to get his attention. 

4. The chemistry between the actors is excellent.

Stars Jungshin and Seo Ji Hoon seem to be completely smitten with Lee Yeol Eum. Of course, her affection for them is just as apparent. It's hard to fathom that this is the very first TV series the actors scored leading roles in. The audience will have no problem swooning as the show progresses. 

5. It has that time-traveling element many love.

Who doesn't adore a good time slip series every now and then? You can't help fantasizing about what you would do if you were given a second chance.

6. The accidental heart fluttering kiss happens in episode one.

We don't have to wait hours for that highly anticipated "almost" kiss that sparks interest in the pair. Longing Heart delivers it right away, and we are happier than Shin Woo.  

7. Longing Heart is only 10 episodes long

A short drama means it solely focuses on the main story and delivers it in the best possible way! Excruciating delays will be non-existent as you can anticipate an action-packed dose each episode. 

Which reason already has you hooked on Longing Heart?


Longing Heart

Starring Lee Jung Shin and Lee Yeol Eum

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