The world of My Shy Boss is almost over!

Next week, our favorite boss and his Silent Monster team bid farewell to viewers after two short months. Eun Hwan Ki (actor Yeon Woo Jin) has come a long way since his days in pretend solitary confinement. Not only did he make strides to communicate with a number pf people, he is even becoming a pro at PDA! It will be sad to say goodbye to the entire cast after getting to know each of their characters so well. I say this is another series that deserves a season 2! I have 7 reasons why My Shy Boss needs to be renewed. 

1. We are dying to see another shy male or female boss make an incredible transformation!

Hwan Ki's shocking metamorphosis started the addiction. Now we are anxious to see another painfully shy boss find their voice and express themselves without their bestie's help. Our shy boss made the bold leap from hiding behind a desk in a room to public speaking!

2. We can't get enough of the villain conversions!

Kang Woo Il (actor Yoon Park) wasn't your typical bad guy, because he was actually the star's best friend. Deep down he was good-natured. However, he lived in fear that his dark secret would be revealed one day. Woo Il put up a good front until Hwan Ki and circumstances finally convinced him that it was time to come clean. We need more villains who are not 100% rotten to the core. We end up rooting for them towards the end, because we sympathize with their pain.

3. Those cute dance scenes gave us life! 

Hwan Ki always danced his heart out when he was in a good mood. When he finally came out of his shell, he let Ro Woon (actress Park Hye Soo) join in on the fun. We need so much more of this in another season. 

4. We are still reeling from those steamy kisses!

K-drama fans haven't seen kissing that hot in a long time! Shows like Lie to Me and My Princess delivered iconic lip locks, but there was so much passion behind their kissing you actually believe they are in love in real life. 

5. My Shy Boss opened our eyes to the reality of self-harming.

Hwan Ki's sister, Eun Yi Soo (actress Gong Seung Yeon), seemed to be so obsessed with her cheating fiance that she physically cut herself when she was upset. We later learn the root of her self-harming ran much deeper. This series placed a spotlight on the heartbreaking issues many deal with on a regular basis and encouraged them to come clean so they can get the help they need. 

6. Viewers never get tired of the quirky office romances.

Jang Se Jong (actor Han Jae Suk) and Kim Gyo Ri's (Secret's Hyosung) got off to a rocky start, but as the series progressed you can see Se Jong is starting to genuinely like Gyo Ri. Once we get passed him using her in the beginning to make Ro Woon jealous, we can see if these two have a chance together in another season.

7. We all want to know ahjumma Dang Yoo Hee (actress Ye Ji Won) and her hot hubby's backstory.

Yoo Hee is portrayed as such a loving mom to her boys, and we finally get introduced to her other half in episode 12. Her handsome husband (actor Kim Ji Suk) seems to be the jealous type and materialistic. He tries to break the shy boss' hand after mentioning his boys want him to be their new daddy, and tells his wife how sexy she is when working. In actuality, he just wants to keep his new car. The backstory behind these two would be absolutely hilarious! How did they meet?

Why do you feel My Shy Boss should be renewed for a second season? 

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