My Shy Boss is not your typical K-drama. In only two episodes, it has managed to cover more ground than many 20 episode K-dramas. Stars Yeon Woo JinPark Hye Soo, Yoon Park and more are working their tails off trying to introduce a new kind of series to dramaland. My Shy Boss has touched on comedy, mystery, horror and even some action this week alone! Before we get overwhelmed by everything that is going on, let's take a moment to enjoy some of the surprising yet thrilling reasons we should stick with this romantic comedy til the very end. 

1. My Shy Boss is classy!

One of Brain PR's main clients is the opera, and it can't get anymore elegant than that!. 

2. Eun Hwan Ki (actor Yeon Woo Jin) is an adorably shy fanboy.

We find out in episode one that Brain PR's CEO already has a huge crush on Chae Ro Woon (actress Park Hye Soo). However, he is too shy to even reveal his identity as her number one fanboy.

3. Hwan Ki and Ro Woon's hilarious fight scenes.

Following their fender bender on the way to work, Ro Woon is determined to meet the man who hit her car, even if he is her new boss. She chases him around the office to see him face to face, but that proves to be a little difficult when he refuses to take off his hood and look her straight in the eye. Their fight scenes are a must see!

4. That iconic shower scene.

We only had glimpses of his sexy shower scene at the office, but it was enough to keep viewers glued to the screen. I wonder how many more times our hot CEO will flaunt his slender body in the remaining episodes. Ro Woon was one lucky girl when she accidentally ran into him in his office post-shower. 

5. The employees' absurd theories about their shy boss.

Since no one has really interacted with the man in charge, they assume he is criminal. They fabricate stories of him being a madman and a murderer. 

6. Hwan Ki has a mysterious connection with Ro Woon's late sister.

The shy boss feels responsible for her sister's untimely death. She was his personal secretary before she passed. We aren't sure if he decided to become Ro Woon's fan because of his guilt or not.

7. Hwan Ki and Kang Woo Il's unpredictable bromance.

It seems the two guys are best friends in episode one, but the second episode hints that there might be something sinister behind their connection. What kind of secrets have they agreed to hide from the world? 

8. Characters show us how to have heart-to-hearts in public restrooms.

Who knew you could have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone in the next stall? Ro Woon opened up to her shy " Mr. Smith" about what his flowers meant to her. He kept her sister's memory alive by delivering flowers to her after every performance.

9. We get to see the journey he makes to slowly come out of his shell.

When his secretary fell ill, Hwan Ki bravely went to the hospital to lift her spirits and put her mind at ease.. He only spoke through a curtain, but his heart shined through.

10. The villain can be your next man crush.

Unfortunately, it is almost certain that Hwan Ki's bestie Kang Woo Il (actor Yoon Park) will turn into the bad guy as the show progresses. That shouldn't stop viewers from adding him to our man crush of the winter! The leading man can't have all the love!

What is your favorite scene from My Shy Boss so far?

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