The Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo couple is now reality, and our spring is complete. We support them all the way! If our biases can't date us, they should definitely be in relationships we approve of. K-drama fandoms around the world are completely in love with Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung and could feel the strong attraction between them during Weightlifting Fairy's TV run. 

They are the perfect pair in so many ways, but here are five reasons they are made for each other.

 1. They are both gorgeous models!

These two had stunning photo shoots separately and together. We are all a little jealous of how beautiful they look together. It's like a painting come to life!

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo proved it once and for all! These two have electric chemistry. 

Nam and Lee became household names in the acting world shortly after their transition from modeling to acting . However, it was their PDA overload that made us start shipping them.

3. Our couple has always been doing life together in the YGFamily.

They both made their acting debut in 2014, and the pair can continue to grow in their multifaceted careers under the same agency.

4. They are social media pros!

Who doesn't follow them on social media? Together, they have almost 12 million followers on Instagram alone. They know how to keep us entertained online when they are in between productions.

5. Akdong Musician videos are blessed by their presence. 

They both made appearances in the sibling duo's adorable music videos, and of course they became instant hits. I know Akdong Musicaian deserves all the praise for their incredible talent, but I still believe this pair also has the Midas touch.

What additional reasons have you been shipping them since the beginning? 

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