Yesterday, newlyweds Rain and Kim Tae Hee announced that they are expecting their first baby. We are all excited that another loving celebrity couple plan to share their love with their precious little one. Whether it's a boy or girl, Baby Jung is one lucky kid! Not only will they be born into a loving home, but they have two of the most talented parents ever! Any talent they inherit, their parents will no doubt help them sharpen their skills.

Let's take a look at 7 reasons why Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be the best celebrity parents ever!

1. They can give their child important life and relationship advice.

These two dated for five years (including 2 years of long distance when Rain enlisted in the military) before they decided it was time to wed. Their relationship example proves that patience pays off big time if both parities are serious. They are definitely quality people. 

2. Rain can give their child free dance lessons.

Who can dance better than Rain? Their child will be learning from the master! If he/she ever decides to pursue a career as an idol, They could easily win any dance off. I think they would be more than anxious to learn the "LA Song" choreography. 

3. He can also throw in vocal lessons!

Dad has to be one of the best male vocalists in K-Pop today. He's a veteran who knows how to control his voice while wowing us at the same time. Singing lessons are covered with him. Check out the amazing song "Brothers & Me" he sang alongside his musical buddies Kim Tae Woo and JYP

4. Mom and Dad will be the best acting coaches.

They have acting careers spanning over a decade! There are no better tutors than people active in a field you're interested in. Their offspring has it made if he/she ever dives into the acting pool. They won't be able to learn anything they haven't already learned at home.

Take a look at these K-drama videos with Mom and Dad showing off their superior acting in Yong Pal and My Lovable Girl

5. Baby's first trip may be somewhere fabulous around the world.

The parents-to-be traveled to Bali and America for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for their honeymoon. Not to mention, they were already world travelers before they even tied the knot in January. Baby's first trip is guaranteed to be awesome! 

6. Their child's birthday parties promises to be celebrity filled events!

Rain and Kim Tae Hee have been in the industry so long their besties are fellow celebrities and idols too. Every passing K-drama or movie is another opportunity to make new lifelong friends. Birthday invites are set.

7. Most likely, Dad will dedicate a song to baby just like he did for Mom.

Days prior to Rain's romantic wedding with Kim Tae Hee, he dedicated a sweet love song to his bride-to-be. You could tell how much he treasured her by the heartfelt lyrics. Baby can only anticipate how special Dad's song will be for them.  

Which reason do you think solidifies their status as best celeb parents ever? 

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Image and Video Credits: CoupangKoreaBoo and 1theK


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