Ruler: Master of the Mask is officially blessing our lives!

Yesterday, the historical event of the year began. Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun, Infinite's L and Yoon So Hee plan to enhance our lives with action, romance and intrigue in this new series with 30 min episodes. Ruler: Master of the Mask has episode lengths like our addictive short shows with classic K-drama appeal. This historical treasure is sure to become a favorite in South Korea and abroad with its first-rate production. It already scored number one in the ratings with almost 12% during premiere week.

Since Ruler: Master of the Mask is off to such a great start, let's examine seven reasons why it's poised to become the best historical drama of the year. 

1. This series starts like a Hollywood fantasy film.

It seems like the king is joining a secret organization in the Western world when he is drugged to become a Pyeonsoo-hwe member. The ritual looks so familiar you have to do a double take to remind yourself it is indeed a K-drama. You wonder if he will obtain supernatural powers after this scene.

2. The crown prince was born a rebel.

Baby Lee Sun was so tough he fought off poison and became immune to it at an early age. No poison on earth can stop him. 

3. It gives us Scarlet Heart: Ryeo feels with the mask.

When a hot prince wears a mask, you can't go wrong! Especially if he is next in line for the throne. He'll be one sexy warrior.

4. We are anxious to see Lee Sun's (Infinite's L) transformation.

Not only will he be the prince's stand in, but there is a good chance he'll become accustomed to behaving like royalty too. Who doesn't want to see his Cinderfella makeover and watch him fight the real prince for Han Ga Eun's heart.

5. Prince Lee Sun and Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) have one of most epic K-drama first meetings!

While he was running for his life, he literally fell into his future lover's arms in episode 2. We see ladies being caught by the guys all the time, but never the other way around. K-drama couple goals! 

6. The crown prince is gorgeous.

Everyone knows Yoo Seung Ho is adorable. Forty episodes with him will be absolute heaven.

7. This K-drama promises to have a killer soundtrack featuring K-Pop royalty. 

The BEAST turned Highlight member, Yang Yoseob, is already slaying for the very first song off the soundtrack. His emotional single "I Couldn't Cry Because I'm a Man" was released yesterday. We can wait to hear the rest of the OST!

How high do you think the ratings will go for Ruler: Master of the Mask? Is it already your new favorite K-drama of the season? 

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Ruler: Master of the Mask

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