Adorable stars EXO's Chanyeol and Yuan Shan Shan went from being mad at each other to being madly in love in So I Married an Anti-Fan. They did it in less than two hours! Although, I think it could have been love from the start if not for the power of persuasion from Hou Zhou's (Chanyeol) nosy manager. Either way, So I Married an Anti-Fan was epic! I have listed eight reasons why I feel you can't miss this delightful film during the holiday season. 

1. It's shocking to to see Hou Zhun fall in love at first sight.

When he first saw Fang Miao Miao (Yuan Shan Shan) at an event, he was attracted to her. However, his nosy manager persuaded him to ignore her because of her tabloid writing history. 

2. Miao Miao's one-sided fight scenes are hilarious.

As soon as you think Miao Miao is going to be the bigger person after Hou Zhun provokes her, the fists come out! Her apologies to him only seem to fuel her anger.

3. She is an epic anti-fan!

Her rage as Hou Zhun's number one anti-fan was terrifying. He was one brave star to agree to film a marriage show with her. Sleeping with both eyes open was best.

4. It's not everyday you see an anti-fan spray paint a manager's face.

She not only enraged the star, but his entire agency! Of course, the manager was the reason they got off to a rocky start in the first place. I was scared for her after she sprayed blue paint on his face and was confronted by the Hou Zhun fandom.

5. Miao Miao's partial makeover.

I think she looked great with curly or straight hair, but she definitely made a great impression on the TV crew and her pretend hubby. Hair and make-up was enough to win them over!

6. She had a complete Cinderella makeover that we all secretly envy.

Miao Miao was her pretend hubby's special guest to a launch party. She definitely looked like a princess after his team helped her get dressed and made up. Why don't idol princes do this in real life? 

7. The electric chemistry between the two leading stars.

I don't know about you, but I felt like they really cared for each other toward the end of the movie. That crucial necklace fight scene was the turning point in their relationship. 

8. The sweet kiss.

We were all waiting for it, and Hou Zhun and Miao Miao delivered. Their kiss scene was worth the wait. 

What day have you set aside for So, I Married an Anti-Fan viewing? 

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So I Married an Anti-Fan (2016)

Starring Park Chan Yeol and Yuan Shan Shan

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