While we wipe our tears at the thought of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon leaving us this week, let's remember the good times we shared over the past two months. From flower boys to hilarious scenes, this series gave its all in the entertainment department. It's unlikely that we will see a season 2 because the story lines were fleshed out so well. However, we can never rule out a possibility of a spin-off.

If TvN decided to create a spin-off of this popular romantic comedy, here are 7 great reasons why they should get started asap.  

1. Ji Soo needs a woman with super powers too!

I want him to star in a possible spin-off and not lose to a rich CEO this time around. It would be even more incredible if his lady was a fellow police officer on his team. Cold cases would be a thing of the past. The second lead syndrome struggle is real!

2. Not only do we need another strong lady, but it would be great to see strong children fighting off school bullies. 

I'm sure Do Bong Soon has several cousins out there with superpowers just waiting to be revealed. Justice super hero style isn't realistic, but its so thrilling to watch. 

3. Kim Won Hae's dual acting is everything!

Between his gangster and office worker roles, viewers can't get enough of this talented star. The way he executes his lines and his adlibs give the audience life. Another series featuring Kim Won Hae is sure to help the ratings soar. 

4. We all want to see actor Jang Mi Kwan play the good guy!

The villain needs to be redeemed in an all new role. Who wants to see the kidnapper on the side of the law in a spin-off? Jang Mi Kwan would be great as a police officer!

5. Viewers are dying for more laugh out loud moments.

The fantasy sequences peaked viewers interest from the very beginning, and many need to have a good laugh after a long stressful week. 

6. The world needs more flower boy/idol filled K-dramas.

Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo drew us in from the start with their flower boy appeal, and the fact that Park Hyung Sik was an idol just made things even sweeter! We can never see too many dramas filled with handsome guys and idols alike. 

7. The contrast between comedy and heart-stopping suspense is gold, and we can't get enough of it!

As soon as we get comfortable in our comedic place, the writers quickly shake it up with a terrifying scene. We know good always prevails, but we can't help holding our breath until that moment arrives. Another show with this element would be thrilling. 

If a Strong Woman Do Bong Soon spin-off became a reality, what would you want them to include in it?

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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