This week, the fantasy series Martial Universe introduced itself to the world in the most magical way possible! Stars Yang Yang, Zhang Tian'ai and Wang Li Kun headline the striking cast ready to leave you enthralled week after week. Fantasy fighting, demons and supernatural powers await viewers from episode one. Let's take a look at five reasons you'll be utterly spellbound by the premiere episodes.

1. The looming threat of the Yimo

The demons, also known as the Yimo, are working their way back into the mortal realm, and they will obviously wreak havoc on everyone's lives. Black clouds are the only incarnation viewers are given, besides the small forest demons and fire python tiger. It should be interesting to see mortals and those in the heavenly realm team up to destroy the demons and place any remaining in the alternate realm.

2. The fantasy fighting

The appearance of the fire python tiger had to be the first jarring introduction of humans warring with beasts. Lin Dong's fifth round of fighting was against the demonic beast, and surprisingly he won that round. Outsmarting a creature that has heavenly yuan stage was impressive for Lin Dong. I'm sure more fantasy fighting against demonic beasts will be coming your way in future episodes.

3. The powerful Dual Ice Blades

Wu Dao's mentor used his yuan power to sculpt the impressive Dual Ice Blades. Before Huan Huan stole them, viewers were informed that one could lead the Dao Sect disciples with them and purge the evil Yimo. The blades successfully trapped Wu Dao in one place. So, it will probably work wonders on the traveling demons.

4. Supernatural power Lin Dong's father possesses

Even though he was brutally injured in a fight, Lin Dong's father can still use his telekinesis ability and easily beat his son in a fight. His supernatural strength is amazing for a man who is in dire need of medication. Lin Dong was fighting hard in episode one to earn money to get his father's medicine, but it seems his father still has plenty of energy stored up.

5. Mystery surrounding Princess Ling Qing Zhu

Lin Dong accidentally runs into his "fairy maiden" twice during the first two episodes. The princess is disguised and appears to be on the lookout for the Yimo herself. She can detect their aura on clothing, hunts them out in the forest and even tries to make a deal with Lin Lang Tian to let her have the Yimo. Why is a member of the Nine Heavens Purity Palace set on taking dangerous matters into her own hands? Why is she so familiar with the Yimo?

What are you looking forward to seeing the most as Martial Universe progresses?


Martial Universe - 武动乾坤

Starring Yang Yang and Zhang Tian'ai

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