The historical rendition of My Sassy Girl finally ended its 16 episode run this week. You know what that means? It's marathon time! I can now enjoy endless hours of the comedy, romance, and suspense set in the Joseon dynasty. Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo lead the incredible cast playing good guys and villains, and they just happen to find love along the way. 

Here are six reasons you will be excited to binge-watch My Sassy Girl this week. 

1. Princess Hyemyeong and Gyeon Woo's hilarious fight scenes in early episodes

The comical fighting scenes between our main stars were hysterical! A series of misunderstandings caused them to bicker with each other to no end, and it was laugh-out-loud funny. It's actually shocking to see how well they get along towards the end of the series.

2. The princess' love for her mom was eternal

Even though her mother was assumed to be dead after she was deposed, the princess secretly leaves the palace (and puts her life in danger) in hopes that she'll be reunited with her mom one day. The promise one of her palace workers gave her, which included her mom's jade ring, to reunite them kept her going. He didn't return on the date and time he promised, but she never gave up hope that her beloved mother would return to her.

3. Gyeon Woo had a dangerous secret of his own

During the series, the scholar begins having nightmares about the night the Queen was deposed. He sees the princess as a child, the tragic scene of her disappearance and a disappearing message on a historic bulletin board. He finds out later that he is partly to blame for the Queen's grim fate.

4. The Imperial Prince is a heartthrob you have to see to believe

It must have been tough to choose between cute Gyeon Woo and handsome Chinese royalty, but Princess Hyemyeong was given the decision many of us can only dream about. Actor Kris Sun's character may not have had much of an impact on the princess' heart, however, the audience couldn't stop swooning during his guest appearance. 

5. The mystery surrounding Ghost Mask will keep you going for episodes!

Rumors began circulating that the late Prince Chuseong was still alive and returned in the form of Ghost Mask. The person behind the mask knows so much about the late prince, queen, and the truth behind the deposal they assume it can be no one but the prince himself. Little did they know, another person close to the deceased demands justice as well.

6. The Queen's fugitive life was the biggest mystery of all

Even though she was innocent, the queen was on the run from the evil ministers in the palace who had her deposed. She traveled from place to place making sure no one could keep track of her whereabouts. We discover at the end of series that someone was actually keeping her safe from danger.

Which reason is persuading you to start your My Sassy Girl binge-watching session this week?


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