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On Friday the 13th, JTBC's The Package finally premieres exclusively on DramaFever. We'll get to witness the lovely country of France through the eyes of South Korean tourists. Romance, laughs and intrigue await the unsuspecting travelers on this package tour, and there are several reasons why you'll instantly fall in love with this new travel series.

1. This is Jung Yong Hwa's first K-drama in 3 years!

We have been wowed by CNBlue's music comeback with albums like 7℃N and even a performance at KCON NY 2017, but it has been years since we've seen the band's frontman serenade us with his one-of-a-kind acting. 

2. The mysterious love triangle.

Ma Ru (Jung Yong Hwa), So So (Lee Yeon Hee), and a mysterious man (Yoon Park) get caught up in one strange triangle. From the previews, it seems Ma Ru and So So are meant to be soulmates, but the mysterious man's relentless pursuit of the tour guide may prove to be a problem. They even appear to have a secret history together. 

3. The bond the tourists are bound to form during their international trip.

Even though the personalities of the tourists initially clash, I'm sure all of them will find common ground as they take in the gorgeous foreign country. Their once-in-a-lifetime trip is sure to make them the best of friends.

4. Yoon Park is playing the villian!

Who doesn't miss Kang Woo Il from My Shy Boss? Well, he's back! We can look forward to his mysterious character being the star's love rival and creepy villain. According to the trailer, his role looks like he could possibly be the tour guide's stalker. 

5. Lee Yeon Hee's role is based on a real-life tour guide.

During the drama's press conference, Lee admitted that she accepted the leading role because she was anxious to play a role that reminded her of the charming tour guide she had in France. Hopefully, we will see some of that wonderful guide's personality emulated in her. 

6. This JYP Pictures production was filmed on-location in France.

The trailers says it all! If you want a glimpse of Europe in a K-drama, look no further than The Package. The background is stunning, and it will probably influence viewers to book their next vacation in France. Not to mention, the famous JYP Entertainment produced the entire series.

Don't miss the highly anticipated The Package premiere this Friday, October 13! 


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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