Suspend your disbelief and fall in love with the incredibly romantic Moonshine and Valentine! The fantasy romance is now ranked among the top hit dramas in China and is also rising fast on DramaFever's exclusive popularity index. One main reason for the web series' success is that it stars Victoria Song of Kpop girls group f(x) and popular drama Ice Fantasy, but there are many other reasons, too. Take a look.

In some dramas, the support characters are involved in boring subplots or superfluous side romances. Not so in Moonshine and Valentine, also known as The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love. The lead couple is surrounded by other intriguing characters whose own stories hold our attention, and they are played by equally cool and young rising actors.

1. Victoria Song stars as Guan Pi Pi, an ordinary woman (as described by the plot) who encounters a mysterious man who claims he has been in love with her for a thousand years. It's a Cinderella-like beginning, but the story has more twists and turns.

2. Huang Jingyu plays the Fox clan's heir, Master Helan, who is inflicted with an unusual ailment — he is blind during the day and only regains vision at nighttime. He has searched for his cursed soulmate for a thousand years.

Let's see how they meet in this life for the first time:

3. Call him Johnny!

If you're wondering why Huang Jingyu, whose also goes by Johnny, gets so many abs scenes, it's because the model-turned actor is really fit with a strong physique. His fame was already elevated by Operation Red Sea, the second highest grossing film ever in China, where he played a sniper in a special ops team.

We can't resist offering his push-ups in this clip:

4. What does Lady Qian Hua from the Fox clan want?

A convincing second female lead is necessary in a romantic triangle, and she is played by the stunningly beautiful Zhang Baijia, who is cold on the outside but hides her deep passion in front of the man she truly loves. Her name, Qian Hua, literally means a thousand flowers, perhaps symbolizing that even thousands of blooming flowers cannot match her beauty.

5. Cute little foxes!

Master Helan has two assistants, played by Li Shen and Li Jiaming, who provide the comic relief in this drama. They are cute and handsome, always bantering with each other. Fans really enjoy seeing their bromance.

6. Both cute guys are pursuing the independent and strong-willed Xiao Ju, who is Guan Pi Pi's good friend that runs her own cafe.

7. Even Guan Pi Pi's ex-boyfriend is a handsome hottie.

Meet Xu Kaicheng, an attractive model-turned-actor who had studied ballet. His good looks has earned him quite a few roles in romantic dramas.

8. The parallel love story that is presented at the beginning of each episode unfolds like a fantasy period drama with its own tale. It gradually reveals the true reason to the present-day romantic entanglements.

Will true love overcome the curse?

Will Master Helan finally be reunited with his soulmate?

If you haven't experienced the thrilling and romantic fantasy in Moonshine and Valentine, let's start now:


Moonshine and Valentine - 结爱·千岁大人的初恋

Starring Victoria Song and Huang Jingyu

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Another great reason to watch this series is that it's only 25 episodes, a rare find among Chinese dramas!

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