After watching Click Your Heart and Cheongdamdong 111, I immediately became a Rowoon fangirl. The multi-talented idol has already shown the world that he excels in dancing, singing and acting through a romantic web drama and reality programs! While he and his boys in NEOZ School battle it out on Mnet's D.O.B (Dance or Band), I decided to list seven reasons why you should watch him on DramaFever right now.

1. He is the cutest cast member of Click Your Heart.

Even though I didn't choose his story first, his bright smile and self-confidence was very appealing. (I'm guilty of viewing Chani's storyline first, but he was second.)

2. When he covers girl group dances, it's beyond adorable.

You can't help but smile when you watch he and his boys' cute dance cover of AOA's song "Heart Attack." Who else loves Rowoon's aegyo here? 

3. His humble beginnings on Cheongdamdong 111.

Episodes 2 and 3 of the 2013 reality series featured a young Rowoon as a hard-working trainee in FNC Entertainment. You get a glimpse of the charming singer and actor before stardom. I was surprised to learn that his real name is Kim Seoku. So cute!

4. His fierce dancing in NEOZ School's dance team.

Standing at almost 6' 3", he is a modern day Mr. Monument!  Because he is the tallest member, it's not too hard to spot the model-like star in NEOZ School's dance practice videos 

5. His looks and athletic ability make him SHINee's Minho on-screen rival.

They could be good friends in real life, but something tells me they both will be competing for the same roles in dramas and movies in the very near future. If you are a Choi Minho fan, you have to check out Rowoon! 

6. He portrays an amazingly confident character on-screen.

His Click You Heart character was so positive about his athletic ability, he bet his personal life on it!

7. His coloring skills are out of this world!

Rowoon's coloring skills are better than yours! When he and his Click Your Heart co-star AOA's Mina had an artistic date, everyone's inner fangirl went wild.

What additional reasons do you have for watching the dreamy Rowoon on DramaFever?

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Image Credit: NEOZ School's Facebook