If you love Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki, then Werewolf Boy, premiering this weekend on DramaFever, is the movie you have got to see.  Whether you already know the wonderful goodness that is this amazing movie or you have yet to discover this gem, come with me as we discuss 5 reasons why this movie is on everyone's "must watch" list. 

1.  Park Bo Young.  

If you saw Oh My Ghostess recently, then you know how wonderful an actress Park Bo Young is.  Her chemistry with her silent co-star gives you all the feels a young girl can feel for both her favorite pet and her first love. She also doesn't take much crap from the rich jerk who thinks she owes him something. 

2.  Yoo Yun Suk

Often known for his sweet boy-next-door roles, he does a 180 and gives us a sniveling bad guy who you just love to hate. Spoiled rich boy Ji Tae has set his sights on the young Soon Yi, and nothing, especially some scroungy, mute, feral kid, is going to get in his way. 

3. Song Joong Ki

Playing the feral child found abandoned on the property by the previous owner,  Joong Ki  brilliantly displays all the danger of a child raised as an animal and the genuine heart of a boy falling in love. Eager to please his new family, Chul Soo steps into the role of protector, which steals Soon Yi's heart but gets him into hot water with Ji Tae.  Don't worry that he never says a word. Joong Ki says everything that needs saying with his eyes and body language. This is one character you will not need subtitles to understand. 

4.  You can never have enough Song Joong Ki in period wear.  

However, I think Goo Hong Ah from  SungKyunKwan Scandal might have something to say about his make-up job. 

5.  Love never dies

The love between Soon Yi and Chul Soo is so deep and endearing that you will melt through the whole movie. As innocent as a puppy and as deep as river, their love sees them through everything that is pulling them apart.  Her acceptance of what he is and knowing that he will never hurt her keeps you coming back to this wonderful movie over and over again. Watching Chul Soo love Soon Yi with every fiber of his being will make you cry, so if you don't already know, keep tissues handy. I hope I'm not the only one who burst into tears at the end.

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Wendilynn K is co-blogger of the blog As the Kimchi Turns. She is on the drama clubs for Yong Pal and Mrs Cop. She's also a member of the Dramafever video drama club. You can catch her past DCs here.