Another beautiful celebrity couple is born in the relationship of UEE and Lee Sang Yoon! News about the Marriage Contract actress and Twenty Again actor dating was confirmed yesterday. After meeting at the Mnet Asian Music Awards earlier this year, the stars became smitten with each other. I think UEE and Lee are adorable and perfect for each other! The fact that they are dating is probably a dream come true for some of their devoted fans. Who doesn't want their stars to find happiness in real life, right? Here are five reasons why UEE and Lee Sang Yoon were made for each other.

1. They are both incredible actors

Every character Lee portrays touches viewers hearts, while UEE is able to draw everyone in by her wonderful performances. Personally, I haven't seen one role Lee Sang Yoon took on that didn't completely blow me away, and UEE got a great start in Queen Seondeok, and has been unstoppable ever since! 

2. UEE's dad is a professional baseball coach.

What guy doesn't want his potential father-in-law to be a professional sports coach? To avoid any conflicts in dating his daughter, they can play a game to blow off steam. 

3. Their heights are compatible

The girl can wear heels without thinking twice about it! She's 5′ 7″ and he is 6′ 1". This height ratio is every tall girl's dream!

4. She is a sexy dancer

In addition to the possibility that Lee is a big fan of UEE's dancing, I think he can benefit from dance lessons from the sultry dancer. Most couples take dance classes together. They can have their own private lessons at home with one half of the couple as the teacher. 

5. He has a degree in Physics

Ladies love to brag about their boyfriends. Lee's impressive Bachelor's degree in such a respected natural science is awe-inspiring to friends and family alike. He is going to make some lucky family a great son-in-law someday. 

Congratulations to the stars on their budding romance! What reasons would you add to the list? 

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Image Credit: Dispatch