Bae Suzy is everyone's girl crush! Whether you are a devoted Say A or a diehard K-drama fan, you have no doubt saw some of her work that made you an instant fan. I'm always going to be a Dream High superfan because the series was amazing and the music was superb. Next week, the Uncontrollably Fond star takes a break from her girl group Miss A to express her own voice.  

Before her Yes? No? album hits stores, we are already addicted to it! Here are five reasons why we are loving Suzy's solo debut. 

1, Her sexy teaser images.

Say As have loved the gorgeous idol since her 2010 debut with Miss A, but now that Suzy is all grown up they can't handle it. Her subtly sexy teaser images can easily rival many new girl group snapshots out there.You go girl!

2. Suzy's vocals are bewitching. 

Her vocals are sweet on Miss A tracks, and striking on OSTs. This time around, Suzy has captivated us by her raw emotion in her sad song about hiding emotional pain

3. Say As love her sexy dance moves.

It's been a year since Say As have seen their idol goddess on stage. K-Pop lovers around the world can't take it! How long does it take to see your girl crush nail dance moves you can't even fathom doing on your own? She's needs to give everyone a lesson!

4. JYP wrote the title track!

Let's face it, Park Jin Young is a genius! He is bringing his Midas touch to Suzy's solo debut with the song "Yes No Maybe". It will be a resounding "Yes" from all of us when we finally hear the mind-blowing track. I'm still not over his provocative 2012 duet with Ga In. I'm hoping Suzy's song has that "Someone Else" flair.

5. Suzy wrote the lyrics for two songs.

"Les Préférences" and "Heater Forever" were written entirely by our girl. She even helped create the music for the latter track. Who doesn't want to hear Suzy's own creations?   

Are you excited for Yes? No? to hit stores on January 24? 

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Image Credit: JYP Entertainment