We're already in tears just thinking about the finale of Ruler: Master of the Mask airing this Thursday. The dynamic historical tugged at our hearts every week and refused to let go. Viewers couldn't help getting attached to the characters Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So HyunInfinite's L,  Yoon So HeeHuh Joon Ho and many others brought to life. Deep down, we wish MBC would give the green light for a second season with a modern twist.  I can think of five great reasons for a modern-day spin-off.

1. Lee Seon's Jekyll and Hyde portrayal was so terrifying; we are dying to see it again.

It isn't everyday you see a K-drama character with a pure heart transform into a shocking villain. Lee Seon (Infinite's L) was nothing but goodness personified until he stepped foot in the palace. Drugs, lies and jealousy can work wonders on a character's mind. Who knew innocent Lee Seon was capable of murder? I wonder if there will be any hope for his redemption in a modern spin-off.

2. Crown Prince Lee Seon's heroic plight is screaming to be recreated.

He had to travel from hell and back just to return to his rightful place on the throne. Can you imagine the incredible action scenes we would see with modern-day devices? If the Crown Prince (Yoo Seung Ho) had a smartphone or tablet, he could have done some major damage. His squad would easily back him up if they were all connected on social media or group texts. 

3. We all want to be Hwa Goon when we grow up.

Hwa Goon (Yoon So Hee) showcased the kind of bravery many of us can only dream about. She literally loved all the way! Hwa Goon put her life on the line time and time again for the Crown Prince's safety and vengeance. We would love to see what type of life she would lead in today's world. What kind of sacrifices could she make for her true love in 2017 or 2018? 

4.  Han Ga Eun and the Crown Prince's relationship take on a whole new meaning online.

Besides the "relationship status" changes, these two would never have to fear losing contact with one another as long as they were connected via social media. As silly as it sounds, most of us rest easy knowing our distant family and friends have logged in recently. Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) wouldn't have to wonder if the Crown Prince was alive or dead ever again! Not to mention, Skype and FaceTime are any couple's best form of communication in long-distance relationships.

5. Justice can only be served to Dae Mok in today's society.

You have to admit that he's one of the worst villains in K-drama history! Dae Mok (Huh Joon Ho) is a drug lord, slave driver, and murderer! This character's evil must be stopped with the advanced technology of the 2010s. Remember, he is broken man who needs to learn the error of his ways. Besides a hefty jail sentence, Dae Mok is in desperate need of a skilled psychiatrist. 

What will you miss the most from Ruler: Master of the Mask? Are there any additional characters you want to see in a modern retelling? 


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